Riding Lessons

Has fear or worry held you back from taking lessons or getting back in the saddle? Maybe you are older now, heavier, less athletic, more cautious? We all have fears and worries. Many of us miss our "Glory Days" when we bounced instead of thudded. Let me tell you that time will pass, and you will not regret what you did when it is all said and done- but what you left undone.

Live life like someone left the gate open. Sing that song out loud, dance in the rain, and yes- ride that horse.

Come find a home with us and let us help you find that magical moment when you and your horse click.

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Equine Massage and Body Work

Is your horse stiff, or a bit "off"? Maybe they don't seem their usual self? Are you looking at a new horse for lease or purchase and you want to be sure they will work?

Are you having communication issues with your horse or just not clicking? I can help.

We all perform better when we are aligned and supple. I use massage and Reiki to find underlaying issues and resolve them.

I make farm and show calls.

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Clinics and Demonstrations

I offer an array of Clinics and Demonstrations ranging from Intro to Baroque Riding to Mounted Archery

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Build a Connection

Advanced riding is all about the connection and communication. Learn better tools and skills to build your partnership. Learn body language and how to gain your horse's trust through becoming a trustworthy Leader.

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